Job Agencies

When you are job hunting, you need all the help you can get. Though there are a lucky few who are actually offered jobs right after graduation, still more graduates have to sniff all possible tracks toward employment. This is where job agencies come in to help the eager job seeker. Job agencies help you look for companies that perfectly match your skill set. Even if you are just starting with your search, at least job agencies help you get a job within your targeted period.

Role of job agencies in the employment process

On your own, you'd probably pursue a few job possibilities. These are probably job openings you have heard from people you know or have read from newspapers and Internet ads. Job agencies, however, can multiply your chances by having your resume included in their databases. The databases of job agencies contain information about job applicants such as their qualifications. These applicants are matched with companies who also employ the services of the job agencies. Job agencies benefit both from hiring companies and job applicants. They provide the companies with a wider selection of job candidates, while they provide applicants better chances to earn the perfect job match.

Types of job agencies

Though the two main types of job agencies are simply private and public, there is another way to classify job agencies: contingency agency, retained search firm and temporary agency. Contingency job agencies are paid once an applicant is hired. They are used for hiring entry-level to mid-level applicants. A retained search firm, on the other hand, works exclusively for a company that is in search of candidates for its executive positions. The firm is maintained by fixed salaries and allowances. Finally, a temporary agency, true to its name, looks for applicants who are willing to fill in more temporary job positions.

Precautions when dealing with job agencies

When looking for job agencies that can help you out, it would be better to consult job agencies that don't charge you fees. Note, however, that even genuine job agencies do charge fees. If you are not familiar in dealing with job agencies, you are better off with those that charge only after you are already employed.

Though job agencies are a great help in your job hunting, remember that they are not miracle workers that can give you the job you want without some effort from you. You still have to present yourself well through your resume and your job interview. The main role of job agencies is to only match you with compatible jobs.

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